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:bulletyellow: This is a photography group. Please don't submit anything else.

:bulletpink: You must be either a member or contributor to submit work to this group.
:bulletpink: Member requests are automatically accepted.
:bulletpink: Members may submit 2 pieces of work per week.
:bulletpink: Contributors may submit 5 pieces of work per week.
:bulletpink: If you are a member and would like to be promoted to contributor then please send me
a note.

When submitting your work submit it to the right folder:
Beautiful Girls = Pictures of Girls, Ladies, or groups of the previous.
Beautiful Boys = Same as Girls just, you know, boys.
La Beaute de L'amour = Pictures of couples where love is shown. Can be boy/girl or even girl/girl or boy/boy. Can also show the love between siblings or parent and children.
NEW. Body Parts = Parts of the body. Whether it's arm or leg or toe or nose it's all beautiful! This is basically anything that doesn't include a head.

We accept:
:bulletgreen: Classic Portraits
:bulletgreen: Emotive
:bulletgreen: Expressive
:bulletgreen: Fashion
:bulletgreen: Infants and Children
:bulletgreen: Self-Portraits
:bulletgreen: Spontaneous Portraits
:bulletgreen: Wedding Portraits
- We also accept some forms of nudity

We do not accept:
:bulletred: Provocative Nudity
:bulletred: Cosplay
:bulletred: Animals
:bulletred: Landscapes
:bulletred: Still Life
:bulletred: Photomanipulations

We may decline your work if it's:
:bulletblack: Blurry, Grainy out of Focus (unless intentional)
:bulletblack: Uncreative
:bulletblack: Not Focused on the Model
:bulletblack: Bad Quality
:bulletblack: Edited to the point of photomanipulation
:bulletblack: Not taken outside in nature

Please do not submit more than one picture from the same shoot. If you do this we will pick one and decline the others.

If your submission has been declined and you would like to know why, please send us a note and we will tell you why.
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Submitted on
August 14, 2011